Turning Around Your Bad Day

Last week was a really bad week which resulted in me going home from work on Monday and feeling pretty bummed out. Looking at it from the right perspective it wasn’t really that bad at all but there were issues with work, my family, and relationships. All together, I was upset, stressed out, frustrated and … Continue reading Turning Around Your Bad Day

Thoughts on a Vlog?

I recently recorded a “what’s in my purse” vlog. It’s my first video and I’m a little camera shy (I hate hate the sound of my own voice on film) so it would be a big step for me to actually upload it. Would anyone be interested in seeing it? I tried to make it … Continue reading Thoughts on a Vlog?


I recently was talking to my cousin about what we should do with our lives and whether our younger selves would be proud of our accomplishments. We then started to talk about how in our career aspirations how difficult it is sometimes to overcome hardships when doing what you love is conflicting. I will use … Continue reading Overcoming.

10 Things to Stop Putting off Today

Call for an interview For almost every job I’ve ever gotten, I have had to call beforehand to set up an interview. I really can only think of one or two small jobs that I’ve gotten where they were the ones to call me. This step in the game is so crucial. Stop sitting by … Continue reading 10 Things to Stop Putting off Today